In this era of digital marketing, nothing can substitute the attractiveness of illuminated 3D box up signage. It is a great way to transform a normal two-dimensional signage into a three-dimensional masterpiece. Regardless it’s front-lit, back-lit or side-lit box up signage – they are an incredible way to attract target audiences and customers. They promote company’s unique brand identity, credit worthiness, and stand out from your competitors. All signage are customisable – you’re able to decide on the materials and colours to suit your requirements and corporate identity.

We use LED strips that are small in size and bright, they are able to fit into small lettering and cut out shape where fluorescent tube would not fit. They are energy-efficient, virtually maintenance-free, have longer lifespan, and nevertheless they are weatherproof – definitely suitable for outdoor use. They are commonly used for building & office façade signage, condominium/ shopping centre entrance signage, outdoor & indoor retail shopfront signage.

We produce custom 3D box-up signages that reflects your brand character and help you grab your customer’s attention. We are a team of expert designers and fabricators proficient at turning that your idea into an alluring 3D box-up signage.

Whether you are just starting your business, rebranding your established business, or want to revamp your existing signages, we’ll work closely with you to understand your needs and create stunning 3D box-up signages just the exact way you want it.

We’ll use our unrivalled technical know-how and cutting-edge technology to turn your idea into captivating 3D signage that fit both indoor and outdoor purposes. Our works in 3D box-up signages are visible throughout Singapore, and we’ll work within your budget and timeline.

You can choose from our wide range of 3D Box-up signage options. We fabricate using a variety of materials, manufacturing methods, light-up options, 3D lettering styles, as well as colours to meet your specific requirements. Our offerings include 3D Box up signages using aluminium, stainless steel and various metals, acrylic, wood, plywood and many more.

We also produce indoor 3D signs and letterings that will improve your business’ professional ambience, stand out from your other wall décor, speak for your brand, and compel your customers to keep coming back for more. If you want to present the right brand image within your reception or lit up your office with a stunning brand logo, 3D box-up signs and letterings are your best choice. We’ll let you know the different options available to create eye-catchy 3D Box-up signages that deliver the right brand character. We’ll show you our draft design and rework it until you are 100% satisfied. After fabricating your 3D Box-up Signage, we’ll deliver and install it for you to perfection.

Why Us?

  • High-quality Delivery – Our 3D signs and letterings are fabricated using the industry-standard materials, quality workmanship, and installed with precision.
  • Innovative Design and Excellent Fabrication – We are among the best 3D signage designers and fabricators in Singapore. You will get impressive 3D box-up sign designs that makes you stand out.
  • Professional Installation – With our years of experience installing 3D Box-up signs, you can be sure that your signs will be installed without issues.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed – We offer unrivalled customer service to ensure you, our client, is completely satisfied.

You are just one step away from getting the best 3D Box-up Signage! Give us a call, or get in touch via our contact us page, and we will contact you to understand your needs and equip you with the information needed to make the best decision for your business.