Studies has shown, with routine cleaning, when antimicrobial copper film is used on regularly touched surfaces, there is up to a 99% reduction in the numbers of live bacteria on its surfaces.

What is Antimicrobial Copper?

It is the only touch surface material registered with the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which kills more than 99.9% of infectious bacteria within 2 hours of exposure and continuously kill bacteria 24/7.

Benefits of Antimicrobial Copper

  • 99.9% Antimicrobial Effect
    – It continually controls & eradicates bacteria
    – Copper covered surfaces proved to have better antimicrobial activity than silver and other metals

  • Minimising cross contamination & secondary contamination
    – Antimicrobial copper surfaces reduce contamination and thus minimize the risk of acquiring infections from touch surfaces

  • Flexible Application
    – Used in various places with desired size
    E.g. Door handles, light switches, lift buttons, touchscreen monitors, card payment terminals, F&B, retail & office counters, display cases, staircase hand railings, generally everywhere hygiene is key

  • Cost Effective
    – Massive use of copper is not possible due to their relative high cost therefore we aim to provide a cost effective solution by installing antimicrobial copper film sticker on high touch surfaces while benefitting from their antimicrobial effect
    – It is durable and environmental friendly with tangible results as compared to antimicrobial coating

  • Safe
    – Absolutely safe for the skin and certified by various institutes

How does Copper kills bacteria?

Swab Test with Kikkoman Kit

Comparison of Antimicrobial Copper vs. Antimicrobial Silver

It is known that both Copper (Cu) and Silver (Ag) efficiently inactivate microbes by direct contact.

Antimicrobial CopperAntimicrobial Silver
Efficacy levels at temperature & humidity levels, typical of indoor environmentHighLow
Conditions to release the ions necessary to disrupt cell membranes and kill bacteriaKills bacteria across all temperatures and all levels of humidityMust be in wet condition, with the presence of moisture
Ability to produce superoxide, 02 which is highly toxic to bacteria (and is in fact produced by human body to kill invading bacteria.)Yes. Copper produces toxic superoxide to kill via free radicalsNo. Silver is not capable of creating superoxide.

Certificates & Test Reports

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