Illuminated 3D Stainless Steel/ Aluminium Box up Signage

In this era of digital marketing, nothing can substitute the attractiveness of illuminated 3D box up signage. It is a great way to transform a normal two-dimensional signage into a three-dimensional masterpiece. Regardless it’s frontlit, backlit or sidelit box up signage – they are an incredible way to attract target audiences and customers. They promote company’s unique brand identity, credit worthiness and stands out from your competitors. All signage are customizable – you’re able to decide on the materials and colors to suit your requirements and corporate identity.

Why Illuminated 3D box up signage with LEDs?

We use LED strips that are small in size and bright, they are able to fit into small lettering and cut out shape where fluorescent tube would not fit. They are energy efficient, virtually maintenance free and has longer lifespan, and nevertheless they’re weatherproof – definitely suitable for outdoor use.

They are commonly used for building & office façade signage, condominium/ shopping centre entrance signage, outdoor & indoor retail shopfront signage.

Non-illuminated 3D stainless steel/ Aluminium Box Up Signage

Non-illuminated 3D Box up signage is a very cost effective way of advertising your business – recommend to be installed at well-lit locations. Ideal for industrial units, indoor shops, restaurants and hotels

Combining both illuminated and non-illuminated 3D box up for your business is definitely a good mix!

MC Design creates the perfect 3D box up signage for your business –

1) 3D stainless steel box up

2) 3D aluminium box up

3) 3D frontlit/ backlit/ sidelit signage

4) Non-illuminated 3D Box up signage


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Acrylic Signage

Acrylic signage is an inexpensive yet versatile and professional looking option for all businesses. They are weatherproof and resistance to prolonged sunlight exposure making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. There are different types of acrylic to choose from, either clear, coloured acrylic, spray painted finish or with vinyl sticker to create a sleek and modern look.

Perfect for office entrance or a prominent small display in a lobby. For company that wishes to convey an exclusive and luxurious atmosphere throughout the office, you might want to extend the use of acrylic signage to meeting room door signs, toilet signs and other directional signs.

Besides acrylic signage, acrylic can be used for the followings –

1) Point of Sales display

2) Window display/ stands

3) Residential address signage

4) Wall posters holder

5) Office desk name plates

6) Custom display box and many more

We provide comprehensive service from designing, fabrication and installing of the acrylic signage. Acrylic is definitely an affordable signage solution without comprising on the quality.

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System Light Box & Aluminium framed signage

A common and traditional signage commonly used for industrial units and coffee shop stalls. It is a single-sided aluminum system light box with printed backlit stickers on either twinwall polycarbonate or acrylic faceplate.

We use high quality led strips instead of fluorescent light tubes to achieve the even lighting effect. We also offer non-illuminated aluminum frame signage and customized in different shapes – rectangular, circle and square.

Although system light box signage is considered as the traditional and somewhat old fashion signage, they can still be cosmetically attractive with customized spray painted frame and vibrant printed image. It has the flexibility of replacing and updating the graphics according to your brand requirements.


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