Hoarding Stickers

If you have invested time and money erecting hoarding, now is your chance to convert that cost into an opportunity. Hoarding sticker is a superb way of communicating your brand and messages to public 24/7.

Regardless they are for construction sites, shopping malls, schools and etc, with the right design – delivering your key message will be effortless. Most property developments and construction sites have a need for site hoarding for both safety and privacy.

It is a high impact and low cost advertising method – keeping the public up to date with the development, promoting sponsor information and displaying the key information of the on-going project. We take care of projects from the planning and design stage right through to production and installation.

So get in touch and let us make your hoarding something special.


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Wall Mural

We bring an empty wall to life with a custom printed wall mural and help you create a space that is unique and personal to you and your business.

Our wall mural printing service allows you to customize with your own photos or designs, alternatively to engage our design team to create a design according to your brand and needs. They are fully customizable and print in any size to suits your need.

Wall mural, wall stickers and wall decals are cost-effective way to promote your products and convey important message to your customers. Our design team will work closely with you to bring your ideas and ethos to life. With our design expertise, we work with your ideas to create walls that can’t be ignored.

Types of large format printing on wall & glass surface –

1) Vinyl sticker with matt/ gloss lamination

2) Removable vinyl sticker

3) Super Clear sticker/ Clear sticker on glass panels

4) Floor sticker with floor lamination

5) Print & plot/ Cut out sticker


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PVC Banner & Billboard

Banner and billboard advertising is getting very prominent these days. Besides online marketing that only works on digital devices, banner is a best way for outside marketing.

Banner advertising is ideal for new store openings, retail promotions, festival greetings, events & exhibitions. ‘Along the road’ banners & lamp post banner advertisement are great tools for advertising community events, parades, government election campaigns, marathons, fairs, festivals and concerts and many more.

We use high quality PVC material and solvent ink; they are lightweight, durable and cost effective.

Why use PVC banner?

1) Fully customizable with graphics, text and logo

2) They are thick and waterproof thus suitable for both indoor & outdoor use

3) Different types of finishing to choose from – reinforced with eyelets, wooden poles or pockets so you can install them anywhere

4) Durability – You can reuse the banner multiple times for different events

MC Design & Solution fabricates and setup customized billboards – we have in-house productions team specialized in metal and carpentry works.

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Corporate Vehicle Wrap/ Car Decal Sticker

Brightly colored, attractive vehicle wraps make your company vehicles stand out from all the other cars on the road. Passing drivers won’t pay much attention to a plain white van on the road, but they will notice a well-designed vehicle wrap. Colorful vehicle wraps are so engaging that peoples’ eyes naturally gravitate towards them.

The perfect way to grab attention as your corporate vehicle is always on the go – you can reach thousands of target audience per day. Your vehicle wrap helps make your business stand out from the crowd. Potential customers can easily spot your message without significant distraction from what they are currently doing unlike television or radio advertisement. Customers respond better to advertising that does not take ‘in-your-face’ approach. Many people enjoy striking vehicle wraps and do not mind the advertising.

The corporate vehicle installation process can be performed at either our own office premise or at any other location. We provide a full in-house design service and provide fleet graphics with simple cut out sticker to complete full wrap. If you do not have your own artwork or designer, we offer a full in-house design service, specializing in branding for vehicles of all types and sizes. We can design and print any colour, logo, image or message you would like to convey.

Build your brand with a fully customized vehicle wrap today!


If you have any enquiries, do not hesitate to contact us:


Call us: 9889 1187